Brodhage Design Prize 2014

During the summer of 2014, we organised a competition for Industrial Design students at Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) spanning two semesters. Supervised by Prof. Erich Kruse, 21 students took punch remnants and set about developing possible new purposes for them.  Over the course of two months, a number of very interesting designs and ideas came together, making the jurors’ decision a very tough one indeed. The jurors were Dr. Eva Helmold-Kaselowsky (Managing Director, W. Brodhage OHG, Ms. Uschi Lang (Sales Assistant Sekisui Alveo AG) and Mr. Oliver Mette (Managing Director, Logoform design agency).

The winners’ table shows just how close the designs were in terms of quality. But the biggest winner is the environment, because every idea results in a reduction of wasted punch remnants, and we will check out the feasibility of implementing each idea.

Our sincere thanks goes to all participants for contributing great ideas, and also Prof. Kruse for supervising the competition, as well as Uschi Lang of Sales Assistant Sekisui Alveo AG and Oliver Mette of Logoform GmbH for their dedicated engagement with the competition.


Dr. Eva Helmold-Kaselowsky (Managing Director W. Brodhage OHG)
Ms. Uschi Lang (Sales Assistant Sekisui Alveo AG)
Mr. Oliver Mette (Managing Director Logoform GmbH)

Prof. Erich Kruse (HBK Braunschweig)


Katharina Loerke and Elisa Gassen
Group work, 1st place


Sebastian Schärfer and Moritz Seifert
Group work, 2nd place


Benedikt Poser, Bilal Celik, Christian Schüßeler and Erik Gilbrich
Group work, 2nd place


Marvin Schmidt, Ricardo Pilguj and Laura Antrack
Group work, 2nd place


Thede Müller-Jacobs
3rd place


Carlota Stürmer


Lukas-Adrian Jurk


Anna Adamczyk


Denis Reiswich


Runing Zhao