Our commitment

GEMEINSAM e. V. - Flüchtlingshilfe Bad Harzburg

W. Brodhage OHG supports the refugee association "GEMEINSAM" e. V. Flüchtlingshilfe Bad Harzburg. Through this non-profit association, young refugees receive support in school homework and all matters pertaining to school.


Mitfahrerbänke der Kreisjugend Wolfenbüttel

We support the actions of the "Refugee Council" of the joint municipality of Elm-Asse, in which representatives of the various refugee groups living in the joint municipality have come together to improve the coexistence of local residents and refugees. For example, young refugees together with young members of the Wolfenbüttel district youth group have built "passenger benches", which have been set up in all member communities of the integrated municipality of "Elm-Asse" to improve the mobility of the inhabitants irrespective of public transport.


2. Herrenmannschaft des MTV Wolfenbüttel

W. Brodhage OHG equips the 2nd men's team of MTV Wolfenbüttel with training clothes and would also like to thank them for their support in sports-related integration work.